Dream of being upset with brother and acid rain

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As salaam U Alaykum.

Dear Mufti,

I had a very disturbing dream this morning to me which woke me up for sehri.

The dream has 2 parts.

First some brothers from a nearby musjid came home to inform us then my younger brother had secretly borrowed money from an islamic organisation. What made it upsetting is that he is a student & has no income. My mother is very upset & shouts him & then i take a stick & hit him.

I then am in a different place & there is a big bang.. it seems as if though there is an earthquick or tremor & people are running.. my elder brother is next to me guiding me & tells me it is acid rain n it is raining fire all around.. ( a few days ago i watched a video whereby it is narrated that a sign of qiyamah is acid rain)..

My elder brother & i manage to not get harmed in the commotion & i then go to the brother who i hit regarding the money & he is sitting with a white sheet over his face & i tell him that there has been an acid rain & my mum & another brother of mine have passed away.

as i said that i woke up for sehri.

Please advise me the meaning.


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Asked on June 19, 2016 7:02 am
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Depicting the current moral degradation of the Ummat. Stay Alert.

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Answered on June 21, 2016 10:08 pm