Depressed due to uncertainty of purity of carpet


I am feeling extremely depressed. I have carefully thought about the facts of the scenario below. The question has been revised. Please carefully RE-READ through the facts below and provide me with an answer. My head is hurting. I feel like I want to die.

Prior to answering please bear in mind that I am and have been plagued by doubts for many years.

Due to the following incident occurring a long while back, I cannot be CERTAIN as to the facts. I can only take an educated guess.

I wore slippers that were MOST PROBABLY wet. After wearing the slippers, I washed my feet.

I am UNCERTAIN if my feet were napaak AT THE TIME of wearing the slippers and prior to washing my feet.

I have carefully considered this and I can’t recall any evidence of napaaki having been on my feet (I used to be in a napaak state & not perform Salah some years back).

I then walked in the carpeted room where we perform Salah with wet feet.

There is no visible sign or smell of urine on the carpet or of pre-seminal fluid. It COULD be present on the carpet, but aside from smell & visibility, there would be no other way of knowing about najasat if it has dried and there is no colour.

I have since hired a machine called rug doctor to wash the carpet in the room.

Water is filled in to the machine. The machine discharges water in to the carpet and sucks it back up in to a separate tank which is then detached from the machine & emptied when it gets full.

At the time of emptying the dirty water from this tank in to the sink, some drops of water will run down the outside of the tank.

This tank is then re-attached to the machine so that it sits above the tank in to which clean water is poured.

When this tank is removed again to empty the dirty water, the bottom of it touches the part of the machine where dirty water drops have settled.

Therefore when this tank is re-attached to the machine after emptying the dirty water, the clean water from the machine does touch the outside of this tank due to the machine being moved around whilst it is being used to clean the carpets.

This is because, as mentioned above, the dirty water tank which collects the dirty water, sits above the tank in to which the clean water is poured.

Therefore when the machine is moved around to clean the carpet, it swishes around and touches the outside part of the dirty water tank which sits above it.

Therefore any dirty water drops which are on the underside of the dirty water tank will inevitably mix with the large volume of water in the clean water tank.

Only after washing the carpet did this issue occur to me.

The carpet in question is at my parents house. There is obviously no smell or visible napaaki on it because dirty water that would have mixed with the clean water will be a a trace amount.

I am under immense pressure.

Do I tell my parents that the carpets need to be re-washed or do I regard it as paak?

I do not know what to do. I am severely perturbed and need definitive guidance.

Is it now paak? Is it safe for them to walk with wet feet on & to perform Salah on? Yes or No. I need an answer quickly as I am all over the place mentally.

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