Dream of grandparents, being held hostage, girls taking valuables

As Salaamu Alaykum
Gran [marhoom] had passed away.As we were seeing a few family members off,I remembered that gran had gone for Umrah.The Umrah group didn’t tell us that gran had passed away.One of my cousins hugged me & said that it might happen again when she gets back-we will need to have another mayyit.There was a break in at home the next day.There was an African male who got into one room but I locked the room door with whoever was in it so that I had time to press the panic button-none of the Panic buttons were working.I tried calling the security company but couldn’t remember the number & my fingers were swollen to type properly.There were young girls from India who were holding me hostage in my room.I tried to bargain with them & promised them doilies & other things of which were of no value – cannot recall items.They were strong, mean & looked very dirty.As I bargained with them I pushed all my valuables under the mattress.
We left the room & they took things that were of no value but pretty.Then there were chairs set in rows, each row had 2 chairs.I can’t remember the people who were sitting on the chairs but there was one man who sat on a chair & I called him “nana”[He looked like a friend’s dad & another man who are deceased but also like my cousins grandfather in law whom is ill].While welcoming the Umrah group.I looked to my right & my [marhoom]nana was standing there.He looked bright & I said to him ‘long time no see’ & he smiled.
I ran into the house to a room that isn’t in my house & gran was there.She was changing her clothes after her trip & I walked in.I quickly looked away as she removed her clothes.I turned around-every time she took some item of clothing off-there was more clothing covering her body.The last colour of clothing was dark/bottle green.Gran seemed well,she stood upright, lost weight & seemed fit.

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