Dream of death of ex mother inlaw

Assalamualaikum Mufti
A female had two dreams
1. Her exmotherin law threw a black pouch at dreamer which the dreamer had given her as a gift only in the dream. As she threw it a Tasbeeh and a metal coin came out. The Tasbeeh beads were clear glittery shiny beads maybe 12. The dreamer squashed one of the beads and her exmother in law died. In the dream the exmother in law was dressed in black which she does not normally wear unless there is a funeral or for pilgrimage . The dream took place in makkah and it had snowed so the ground was icy. The dreamer borrowed a tree trunk sled from a child and slid down a bit of a pathway.
2. News was received that the dreamers exmother in law passed away. Since the exmother in laws daughter was upset, the dreamer hugged her and consoled her even though she wasn’t happy to do so as they did not treat her well.
Kindly explain the meaning of these dreams

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