Cutting off from family who accuses you of black magic

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Assalam Alaikum , may ALLAH bless you for the work you are doing .i got a big family problem , i got a big family and 3 of my brothers they are accusing me and my wife of doing black magic on them . one of my brothers wife got jinn problems and they are accusing my wife having cut pig on them and sent the jinn to kill his wife even they tell everyone that the soul of my mother enters my brothers wifes body and the soul says that we have sent her and that me and my wife are shaytaan , and many other souls enter her body and telling that we sent them , they even tell that i`m jealous because of the money of my father with whom my dad make a joint account with my brother but Allhamdolillah i got more money than my dad .it is very difficult to live like that where everything you do they are against it , if i come late at night they will hide and look what we are doing , if talking with someone they want to know what are we talking ,my wifes cousin is moulanah if ever he came at my place they think i’m doing something , if something happens to their kids they say we do black magic . we tell them we got nothing to do with that they say no the souls are telling its you so its you . and one of my brothers supermarket when we go there they will look on camera if we are putting something in his shop if he is not making profit so again we have done something . now it’s very difficult to sit or to eat or to go to their place anything happen they look at us . so from now on we stopped talking with them but i did not cut off completly because of these problem my wife is getting hypertension ,. Allah knows we have never done anything like that .
(1) can i cut off with them because even in salat i’m thinking of that problem ?
(2) do you think if i cut off i will be a sinner ? what to do for the Eid days ? they stop talking with me they don’t want to come to my house they go to grave to ask for help they do many type of innovation . they put all kinds of taweez . may Allah forgive them and gide them ..
(3) what do you think about the hadeeth which says we are not allowed to cut off more than 3 day can it be apply in my situation where they are not leting me live my life , i can`t do salat , and they can make me do shirk ? please advise me thanks a lot

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Asked on October 15, 2013 12:12 am
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1) Greet them and abstain from interaction and make Duaa for them.

2) Greet them on Eid days. Do not put yourself in a position or situation where by you are going to get falsely accused.

3) You are to behave with caution otherwise sooner or later it is going to become violent. Thus abstain.

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