Weakness of Faith

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I am a muslim who is leaning day by day towards athiestic views
because I have doubts… can you clarify them for me?
lets start ….
1. well i have heard allah does not place a burden on a soul more than it can bear…. so what about the people who commit suicide?
2. allah loves us like 70 mothers……… and why would he then put people in hell? i for one recall asking my mother, “if i cut your hands and feet and starve you… torture you in every way i can and then you are given a choice to put me in heaven or hell… she said i would rather die than put you in hell… so i asked her is there any case in which you will put me into hell? she said no….. so i asked her a second question if you have the power to put me into heaven for eternity which is absolutely great compared to the life of this world would you choose to put me into trials and tribulations in this mortal world…. so she said even if a thorn pricks you i can’t stand that….. see where i am getting with this….. so your so called Allah the most merciful of those who show mercy…. how does he do that when we can’t starve him, torture him, we can’t affect him in any way yet he chooses to enjoy people’s torture…… now i don’t want you to prove that allah is 70 times more merciful than a mother…. but if you prove that he is 1/70 times merciful that would be enough…

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Asked on November 2, 2015 4:50 pm
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1) Do you think it is fair and just that to do an action and blame Allaah;
2) What about – ‘it is cruel to be kind’;
What about the thief who got away in this world, the murderer who was not found guilty and likewise every sin which no punishment was given in their world has to have a retribution. A good, not rewarded, has to be given its results.
Provided your recognise Allaah as the Rabb of the entire universe who is one without partner and accept Islaam whole heartedly.

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Answered on November 13, 2015 10:22 pm