Hadith on people created to go to Jannah or Jahannamah

Assalaam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakaatuh

Mufti, I heard the hadith saying that every one while is still in his/her mother’s womb is written on whether is to go to Jahannamah or to go to Jannah, a related hadith also says some one can do things of Jannah(good deeds) and whats separates them and Jannah is death but if he/she was writtenn to be among those of Jahannamah he will do one thing of Jahannamah and die one it and end up in Jahannamah, and another one will do things of Jahannamah to the extend that death is the one separating him to enter Jahannamah but if He was written to be among those of Jannah he will do one thing and die on it and enter Jannah. I would like to have a clear understanding of those ahadith and to know if really some one was created to be among those of Jahannamah however much he tries to do good deeds he/ she will end up going to Jahannah because he was created to be one of those. Jazaaka Allaah Khayra Fidduniya wal Aakhirah

1 thought on “Hadith on people created to go to Jannah or Jahannamah”

  1. This Hadith is speaking about the final/last result which is in the knowledge of only Allaah.
    This Hadith is to show the extreme total knowledge of Allaah not making man a totally incapable or incapacitated person (when it comes to working hard in this world to earn his/her own Jannah).