Contamination of haraam with halaal

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Salam Mufti Sahab

with reference to question 11660 I wanted to know that

1) If a person consumes alcohol or something haram and then uses my glass for drinking water or spoon or plates to eat food will it become impure as that persons mouth or saliva will be impure. And if I use a sponge for dishwashing those utensils used by the person will it become impure.

2) Also If a dry particle of the private part discharge fell on carpet will the carpet be impure. If i dust the carpet and the particle falls on the floor and if I mop the floor will the whole house be impure. Due to this my prayers are getting affected as I dunno where it fell and I’m Feeling the whole house is impure as it was mopped.

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Asked on August 28, 2014 3:57 pm
Private answer

1) By cleaning the utensil as per Shariat, it will be regarded as pure. Do not be doubtful.

2) Doubt does not remove certainty. Regard the carpet as clean and pure.

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Answered on August 28, 2014 3:57 pm