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Jazakallah for the last FATWA. Just need a clarification for question ID 17875 part tw (copied and pasted below)
When you say ‘This leads one to the brink, edge of Kufr.’
Does this mean the person is out of the fold of Islam and have to redo shahaada and Nikaah?


Question ID: 17875

May Allah bless you and your efforts.

1) if a Muslim says that it’s ok if women dance infront of other women or infront of their mehrams as long its not in front of strange men. Does saying any of the above make the Muslim a kaafir?

2)Does complimenting haram things or actions cause Kufr? For example saying things like :This movie/film/song is good/nice/wow, or that was a good dance and suits that song or that short skirt or blouse is nice etc
Although the person knows that songs and watching movies is haram.
Thank you

1) The person becomes a sinner NOT a Kaafir.
2) This leads one to the brink, edge of Kufr.

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Asked on November 5, 2015 5:16 pm
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It means that the person still remains a Muslim. No need to redo Shahaada or Nikaah.

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Answered on November 12, 2015 9:02 pm