Combined Qurbani and Aqeeqah

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Assalamu alaikum,
Respected Mufti Sahab, I have a question relating to Qurbani. As it is round the corner so I want to clarify my doubts and go ahead about it.
1) How can one know that a person is Sahabe Nisab and has to give zakat and do qurbani. How does one measure it. I live in India and suppose in the house my mother has some gold and silver ornaments but very few and we have cash on hand also. So how much of the cash or the gold etc should there be to make one sahabe nisab. Suppose gold and silver, does this make one sahabe nisab. But on how much of gold or silver? If someone has only cash then on how much of cash one will be Sahabe Nisab.

If one adds a little cash beside gold of 20000 and silver of 10,000 and gets total Rs 70,000/- so has he become Sahabe nisab and has to do qurbani. I just want to know that total how much should one have to make him sahabe nisab in shariat.

2) Can aqiqah be done on the Bakra Eid or on all the three days of Bakr Eid.

3) Suppose I bought a cow so I want to do qurbani on my name and can I do aqiqah on my name on the same cow and qurbani and aqiqah of my brother on the same cow. Then for qurbani there will be one share and one share for aqiqah for me. Then one share for qurbani for my brother and one share for his aqiqah. So total 4 shares gone. Now I am left with three shares. So can I do qurbani and aqiqah for my father on the same animal as three shares are still left. Then after that 1 share is left so can I do aqiqah for my mother. So that makes 7 shares. Can one do qurbani and aqiqah like this or not. What is the correct process. If yes, I can do both this way, then what will be the niyat and dua. As dua is different of Qurbani and of Aqiqah.

4) Can we distribute meat to all as in the case of Qurbani meat,will the Aqiqah meat be same or not.

Jazzak Allah!

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Asked on September 29, 2014 5:18 pm