Can ladies go out for Masturat Jamaat

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Assalaamu alaikum

1. The next year biology syllabus for matric includes a topic on evolution. Being matric, the final examinations will be prepared by the department of education and therefore questions pertaining to evolution will definitely be there. i would therefore like to know if in this case it will be permissible to study the section and answer these questions,while knowing fully well that evolution does not form part of ones belief system as a muslim?

2. Recently i picked up an item which included white wine vinegar as an ingredient. After making enquiries i was told its not permissible to use such an item. However while talking to someone about this particular item i was told that one should not be so particular about everything, and this person feels that its permissible to use since its not been used as an intoxicant (the example of alcohol in medicines was given to me). Is this true? and if not, how do you respond to such a person?

3. Are females allowed to go out for mastura jamaat? and if yes, can they leave behind small children in the care of someone else, even though the children are dependant on them and the parents know that the children will cry miserably without them? which enjoys more priority in this case, remaining to look after your children or going out to educate people?


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Asked on January 6, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Permissible to study and know that it is wrong at the same time and when given the choice not to answer, dont answer.
2) It is purely artificial, synthetic then permissible to use. otherwise not.
3) We are of the opinion that mastura Jamaat should not be encouraged. Especially going out of the town, locality or country. If females work within the locality it will be permissible.

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Answered on January 6, 2009 12:00 am