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Brother in islam
I am from fiji,and have some questions for which I need answers
Question 1
Have a sum of money in a Credit Union (CTCL) as savings eg $15,000.00 and receiving divident annually?
Question 2
Have a saved sum of $10,000.00 in an insurance company for a term of 5 years.After completion of five years will receive $10,000.00 plus bonus for 5 years?
Question 3
Have a sum of money in FNPF (compulsory savings from governments salary for the job we do) and the governments adds some amount to it annually may be as interest/divident or bonus.
Question 4
Have a house from which we receive rent as income,which we use to pay the rent of the house we staying in.
Question 5
Could zakaat money be given to a person who is on a home loan for the house he is living in.He makes the payment of loan from his salary and also from the rent he receives from a flat attached to his house.
Question 6
Could zakaat money be given to a muslim person who married a converted muslim for the payment of the home loan in which they live,as both of them do not follow the muslim culture anymore.
Question 7
Is it right (Halaal) or not.
I am paying insurance for my ownself from my salary so that if I die due to some reason the sum insured could be given to my kids or life partner so that they do not find difficult financially for some time.Or if I have an accident the money could be given to me so that I can meet my own living expenses when I cannot earn anymore.

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Asked on November 16, 2012 1:08 pm
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1) I do not know this money is invested.
2) Why this bonus? Most insurance companies are involved in Haraam thus avoid.
3) Bonus
4) Permissible
5) Permissible
6) Zakaat cannot be given to non-Muslim
7) Life insurance is not permissible. Accident temporary insurance is permissible but definitely Makrooh.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 1:08 pm