Bad thoughts and OCD

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Mufti i am fighting the greateast nafs..wasawasa.ocd can u please help me out.
Every few minutes of my day is spent in bad thoughts.lustful thoughts my parents .family my own children.l am even afraid to talk to my dad because im getting bad thoughts and theni dont phone to c how there are doing.what can i do even if i call someone name a bad image appears.
Only allah knows if my namaz is valid.if i think good thoughts it
last a second then its the same thing again.
During relations with my husband is a nightmare itself .i dread it what can i do will i b punished .astagfirullah i feel allah takes me than to have such thoughts.
No matter how much i pray it gets worse.
I await your reply.

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Asked on March 22, 2017 11:41 pm
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Take hold of yourself. Make a lot of Istikhfaar.
Every time you think of something bad read ‘La hawla wall Quwata……’ and Istikhfaar.
Adopt good company. Avoid looking at bad evil things.
Increase reading of Quraan, Istikhfaar and Durood.

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Answered on March 29, 2017 6:57 pm