Astroturf going to cause fitna

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Friday October 13, 2017

Assalaam U Alaikum

We hereby request all your duaas.

Firstly this mail is not intended to cause fitna, rather avoid a big fitna so we request this not to be published on websites or any form of media, rather we wish it is handled in a more appropriate manner.
No form of hurt or attack is intended on any respected Mufti or Aalim it is mailed to.

This mail is written with worry and concern and is a CRY of HELP.
The entire country presently knows the issues faced by the community of Empangeni with regards to the Astro Turf. This project is supervised and run by the main Imam, with the duaas and go ahead of his ustaad Mufti Ebrahim Desai. (According to the words of the main imam)
It has caused a major problem with some in the community as its being built in front of the musjid on musjid owned (waqf) land. This mail is not here regarding whether it is permissible or not.

The constitution of the Musjid states that the Trust Body is affiliated with Jamiat KZN. The trustees are in the process of getting a written Fatwaa from Mufti Ebrahim Desai. There was NO proper community involvement until tonight, a planned event to gather community support, feed them and still go ahead FULL STEAM with this project despite the criticism of some Ulema.

This mail is a Request from All Parties to whom it has being mailed to, please speak out and put pressure on the trustees of the Musjid and the community in whichever way possible.

Most Astro turfs that are owned and played by Muslims have many problems. Some problems are: individuals play music, wearing of inappropriate clothing, females spectating, smoking and drugs are discreetly used, fights, swearing and arguing are common… the list goes on. It is impossible to control people. If any Ulema give a go ahead to this project, the above is just a small part of vice being brought onto the Musjid premises, maybe not now but unquestionably in the future and the evils will only grow from there. You all know better than us that sport NEVER brought people into the musjid; if that was the case the whole of India would have had a cricket pitch next to the musjid.
In the past week the Majlis as well as Mufti AK spoke out openly against it. Currently with regards to the Ulema in the town, instead of taking heed of the advice they are now on a path of making it their duty to find out who are those responsible for passing the information on. They are saying that it’s the work of fitna makers forgetting the evils that they are going to cause will be more disastrous. They are also pushing even harder and rushing for this vice to be completed.
This project can still be stopped in Empangeni.
If this project goes ahead, it is opening the doors for fitna, furthermore if it gets sanctioned by the Ulema and Muftis it is opening the door for many more Musjids to use it as an excuse and build an Astro Turf and other forms of activities on Musjid land throughout the country. The choice is yours, the Ulema of the country to nip this in the bud and save musjids all over the country from such a vice. Again we beg and plead with you ALL to involve yourselves in this matter as you are all connected to the community of Empangeni in some way or another.

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Asked on October 13, 2017 2:17 pm
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There are too many evils linked to this project.
More so the utilizing of Waqf property and the closeness to the Masjid.
It is best and most befitting to avoid.

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Answered on November 12, 2017 4:16 pm