Anti-Islamic Behaviour of Parents

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Why don’t parents like it when their children practice on Islam?

If they grow a beard, don’t watch TV, wear Sunnah attire, don’t intermingle with ghair-mahrams, and adopt Halaal sources of Rizq, then it is a huge issue and a point of controversy. Yet if I have a girlfriend, get a well-paying-haraam job, eat mushtabah/carrion, and watch TV, then it is not just a point of honor and pride from their part, but something absolutely encouraged and forced.

No one is forcing them (the parents) to do any of this, nor is anyone asking for their encouragement, but why are Muslim parents so anti-Islam, anti-Sunnah, and anti-Shariah?

It really does confuse me why parents actively discourage their own children from their own religion. What do they want from their child? Kufr? Prostitution? Gayism?

Then these self-same parents sit and sob about why they have been dumped into old age homes and receive no care and affection; they cry about their rights. Yet their entire lives they raised their children hell-bent on scrapping the rights of Allah Ta’ala in exchange of kuffaar-comparison, style, carrion and certificates. Their dumping into the old-age home was at their own hands years ago when they dumped away Ta’leem for their child.

I feel just as they compelled their children into filthy environments, Allah Ta’ala has now dumped these parents in old-age homes and hospitals in the companionship of kuffaar.

If their child has no ghair mahrams, no faasiq face, no pants below the ankles, no evil environments, then why is there issue?

Even those fathers with big beards and big kurtas in the Khanqahs, Masjid trustee boards, and in the Tablighi Jamaat are absolutely guilty of this. They should know that nothing of their behaviour is hidden: it is really very evident. For some outer facade of just a beard and an annual 40-days on their child, they think they have fooled everyone.

Please forgive me for my emotional rant. Please correct my understand and make a Du’a for my Hidaayat.

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Asked on March 30, 2016 9:48 pm
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This results when Haraam is eaten, when one has a ‘holier than thou’ attitude, when there is lack of proper understanding of Deen.
Keeping up with ‘Jones’, keeping satan happy and trying to please Allaah at the same time. Allaah save us all.

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Answered on April 15, 2016 9:18 pm