Dream of angel talking to and touching you

As-salaamu’alaykum dear Mufti

Your response to my dream; “Angel talking to me” does not make any sense,here is the dream:

” i have a very intense dream when an Angel appeared like a ghostly figure, shaped like a man, the angel show me a paper to read, i dont know what was written on the paper, the Angel said if i read this i will be protected from Jinns, then the Angel touches my hands and feet, saying iam very skinny not very well. I wake up all sweating and confused. What does this dream mean dear Mufti? who is this Angel?
Iam very worried.”

Maybe i should tell you more about me, for the past 6 years i have been suffering from Sihr (blackmagic), Sihr has been done to me several times dear Mufti, but over that 6 years i have strengthened my imaan a lot.

Can you please interpret my dream again?


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