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What is the advise for us laypeople in this age when the majority of the ‘Ulama are corrupt or remain silent? How do we know what is Halaal and Haraam or what is Sunnat and what is Bid’at?

For us laypeople, the actions of the ‘Ulema, Tabligh Jamaat, and Sufi Shuyookh (those in the Silsilah of the Akaabir) are our ‘Fiqh kitaabs’. Their actions are the standard that us laypeople adopt.

How do we survive?

If a person refrains from commercial chicken, for example, then it will be said, ‘Hadhrat So-and-So eats these chickens. And Hadhrat So-and-So is a Khalifa of Arif Billah Hadhrat So-and-So. And he is a big Shaykh in India. So many ‘Ulama go to him. Hence, if all these are Haraam as you say, then do you say all these Auliya eating commercial chickens are eating Haraam?”

The same was said regarding the mass Itikaafs.

How can one reason with people if they have such a line of reasoning?

Majority of the ‘Ulama do anything and everything. Sunnat, Mushtahab and Nafl have no more status.

What is the way out for us laypeople? Should we study the more senior kitaabs in Fiqh and fataawa? I mean, not only Waajib Ilm like from Bahisti Zewar.

For example, there was this recent Salatus Istisqa story. I am quite certain that any Aalim who had went through a Darul Uloom would be well aware regarding the ‘point of need’ described in the Kutub. Yet this was not considered. And hundreds of ‘Ulama in South Africa all went along with it doing their Salatul Istisqa.

That single email Hadhrat Mufti A.H Elias Sahib sent out on Salatus Istisqa, I feel, was a great point of embarrassment for the ‘Ulama. The Masaa’il are so clearly laid out. Why the deviation?

(1) Anyhow, should us laypeople now study these senior Kutub of Fiqh to prepare ourselves against the brazen ‘halaalization’ of the Muftis and Maulanas?

(2) Furthermore, what is the manner of correction for the ‘Ulema? Is the small group of the Haq, that is, The Majlis, sufficient for the rectification of the ‘Ulema? Or should this not be the concern of the layperson?

Hadhrat Mufti Sahib, please correct this useless one.

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Asked on January 1, 2016 5:30 pm
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I have read your concerns and understand what a dilemma you are in. So many are experiencing what you are under-going.

A few guidelines will help. See who is doing what and why?

1) Is it done to get and maintain ‘market share’ – like ‘mass Itekhaaf’ and ‘Salaatul Istiskaa’;

2) Is it done for commercial gains, benefits and privileges – like ‘Making Halaal commercial chickens’, ‘Musil Schools’, so called ‘Islaamic Banks’;

3) Is it done to sustain ‘turf’ – like ‘congregational loud Zikr done in unison is the Masjid’?;

4) One has to carefully study the proofs in Sharia, i.e. Quraan, Sunnat, Ijma and Qiyas and make an informed judgement;

5) In Ibadaat, see whether that action was done within the period of 220 AH. If not done, discard.

6) I have heard my ‘Ustaad’, Allamah Mufti Saeed Ahmed Palanpuri, the current Sheikul Hadith of Darul Uloom Deoband, say that he personally heard Hadhrat Moulana Mansoor Nomani (A.R.) say, that we Deobandis have/are slowly slipping towards Barelvism, that now there is just an ‘balish’ (from tip of middle finger till end of palm) distance left. “Thus we must be extremely cautious.”

7) In our country, South Africa, there is the very same ‘Ulema’ seen supporting each other in their dubious activities, thus observe the issue concerning:
a) Photography.
b) Video.
c) T.V.
d) Commercial Chickens.
e) “Muslim Schools”.
f) Islaamic Banks.
g) Anti Jihaad.
h) Making friends and sympathising with Salafis and Shias.
i) Pro Inter Faith dialogue.
j) Intermingling of sexes.
k) Scholars for dollars.
l) On a popularity seeking run.
So identify them, mark them, stay away from them.

8) One must note that ‘’tafroodaat-exceptions’ of the pious, even if there be ‘elders and seniors’ do not formulate or constitute Deen or Shariaat;

9) The action, speech, inspiration or dream of any pious, especially in our age does not constitute Shariaat!;

10) Shaari law does not depend on ‘majority opinion’!;

11) Know as for food, it is ‘Haraam’ to be proven ‘Halaal’;

12) Beware of those Ulema who hold hight positions but silently support ‘Baatil’ from the back silently.

You as a Muslim are fully entitled to ask the Alim, humbly, the Shaari proof of what he is asking you to do.

Do not be despondent. Seek out the Ulema-e-Haqqani Rabbani and follow them.

Also support the Ulema-e-Haqq and encourage young Ulema to stand firm for what is the pure, pristine Shariat.

We must constantly make Duaa for the sustainability, durability of the true followers of the original ‘Maslack’ (fact) of Deoband.

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Answered on January 10, 2016 6:19 pm