Daughter watching movies after been told not to

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Mufti sab i need your advice on this
I am very firm in raising my children with islamic values and ways
As i believe what they learn today will affect their tomorrow.
Problem is my daughter is 14 yrs alhumdulillah a good student in both school-islamic and maderesah.mashallah she is 27 para hafiza.
She along with her muslim friends lk to watch movies by the way i dont have tv in my home it is done on the computer .when i tell her dont watch it .its not good she acts in a typical teenage way.why how come These molvisab daughter watches too
I suffer frm severe wasawasa and kufr thoughts then i get thoughts u know its wrong dont u fear allah /u have no fear that u are letting her watch.this nags at me until i finally approach her .
How do i go about this situation for my peace of mind .

Jazakallah and duas for my children.

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Asked on October 26, 2017 1:26 am
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Allaah make it easy for you.
Control it. Tapper it down.
Then stop it. Find alternative activities.
Do not allow other children to sin in your house.

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Answered on November 24, 2017 10:37 pm