Family aalims opinions and actions

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اسلام عليكم ورحمت الله وبركاته
mufti saab
an family aalim says :
molana ashraf ali thanwi was very firm in deen even a shoe mustnt be misplaced and so on
once he went to a village and he asked a person if he reads salaah so this person said no but we make Tajia
so molana ashraf ali thanwi said “karte raho” (keep on doing it)
this is hikmat
and and in india some villages it is not jaaiz to make eid salaah but becuase people are doing it you must keep on doing it because if we stop this than this person may be involved in other wrong
todays muftis have no hikmat
they should look at our mashaikh
this aalims sons dont wear kurta,shave their beards and this their wives dont make pardah and in invitations there is full intermingling (i dont think this is hikmah)he migrated from one country to another and stop teaching children and he says that he is tired of teaching
he said in molana ashraf ali thanwis one kitab he says it is jaiz to eat on tables
and in fatwa e rahimiyyah things worn from above the navel can go below ankles
in house mahrams and non mahrams live all toghether
recently my family told him that the packet chicken now adays are not halaal and i stop eating the eggs also
so he said that it was reaveled to nabi صل الله عليه و سلم that allah ta’ala told him that he should not make haraam that which is halaal
he says that in india a madressa all students eat on a table
he consumes alot of doubtful food also
beacuse he is eldery and relative i do not argue with him
we get invited on eid days and non mahram women relatives of mines come to my house and sometimes even come to my room to greet me with her husband and so on
what should i do and what is your opinion on this
I have a family and hadrly meet them but when i try to go to their houses than intermingling takes place
and when i get invited to a wedding if the food is doubtful and food is on the chairs what should i do and say

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Asked on July 8, 2016 12:26 am
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What Moulana Thanwi (A.R) did was purely circumstantial and an exception, because that act was the only act that they regarded as Islaam.
But we are Islaamically educated thus not ignorant of the law.
Our duty is to practise on the Shariat to the best of the our ability and capacity.
Thus there is absolutely no room without a Shari, valid reason to shave the beard, let the garments flow below the ankle, inter-mingling of sexes or shaking hands with non-mahram females.
Do not follow deviated ones.
Avoid and shun them, otherwise your Imaan will be at stake.

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Answered on July 19, 2016 4:43 pm