Dream of child being stuck in a tree and you are trapped in a classroom

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As-salaamu-alaikum Moulana.

Over the course of a week I had some very eerie dreams.

In the first dream I was in my bedroom sleeping when early in the morning possibly around 12am there was someone that rang my doorbell. It was an adolescent who said he was stuck in my neighbour’s tree. I was still asleep in my dream and so my sister went and opened for this adolescent. Went he entered our property the black sky suddenly changed colour from black to a bright orange and red hue. The windows and curtains in the house opened up and were banging and flying intermittently. I woke up from the sleep I was in, in my dream and tried running to stop my sister from allowing the boy to enter the house but when I tried running to stop her the was a cloud of blackness pulling me back and when I got to the front the boy had entered the house. The boy was short and had dark curly hair with no eyes (they appeared to be just black) and when I tried turning to my sister to tell her what she had done, she was immobile and could not here me. The boy started laughing insanely and suddenly the house fell apart.

The second night I had a dream where I was with my mother in the kitchen and we were holding each other very tightly (almost as if we were holding each other to protect each other). We were on the ceiling of the kitchen and everything seemed to be misplaced. Eventually the house was filled with snakes and a cloud on darkness engulfed my mother and I.

A few nights later I had a dream where I was into childhood school (which was a Muslim school). I was trapped in the classroom where I we would read Quran and other Islamic texts. Since I was alone in the locked class, I walked over to the shelf in the front of the classroom where the Qurans were kept so that I could read some Qumran to pass my time. When I touched the Quran it exploded on contact so I decided to pick up a Hadith book (the one with the yellow cover usually taught in school and Madressah), when I opened the book to read it, the words were missing and it seemed to be just an empty book so I reached for countless others and the same thing happened, it had no text, just blank pages. The door of the class eventually opened and when I stepped out I was in front of the Kabah where there seemed to be a dispute between two groups of Muslims. A man was there claiming to be Imam Mahdi and the first group accepted that where as the second group rejected him. A fight broke out between the two groups and I was jostled to the ground by the crowd where I was killed by people tramping on me. The fight eventually stopped when the Kabah blew up and the everyone in the two groups had died as well.


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Asked on July 28, 2017 11:14 am
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1) Stop looking at wrong things. It is effecting your thought pattern.

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Answered on August 10, 2017 6:31 pm