assalaamualaikum muft, my question relates to zakaat, my brother and his wife are unemployed, they are living with his inlaws, own a car which they bought when the were employed. they were both previously married and have 6 children amongst them, my brother is living of his credit card to pay maintainance and for certain …

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Meelad un-Nabi

Is it permissible to recite Qasida Burda, and in relation to this, is it right to celebrate Meelad un-Nabi…? Jazakallah.


Asalaamu Alaikum Pls could you guide me as to which name is better to keep for a baby boy: Sudais or Shuraym? ; their meanings. Shukran


As salaamu alaikum mufti saab if you have a bond are u living in haraam jazakallah

audio kalima’s

salaams.i would like to know if this site had audio kalima’s.if it doesnt please can i have a site that would have it.jazakallah.salaams

damp underpants after istinja

asalm walikum, I would like to enquire whether wet or damp underpants is napak after istinjha from the backside, realised that i should dry that part and went back to clean it but left underpant on. is it ok, i don’t want to throw more clothes. thank you.

minimum number of ayahs in salaah

As-salaamu-alaikum i require clarity on the minimum number and lenght of ayats of surah to be recited after surah fatiha in salaat (is only ayaatul kursi-1 ayat – adequate Jazakallah may u be granted a long , pious and healthy life to continue fulfilling a much needed service to the ummah and mayu be fully …

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flower accessory under the scarf

AWWB, please advise if ladies are permitted to wear the flower accessory under the scarf at the back of the head, as aware that it may not be worn on top of the head which represents a hump of a camel. Jazakallah and wasalaam.

Performing umrah

asalam o alikum, i am a married man and i live in london.i want to perform umrah with my wife and i need permission from my parents for umrah .thanks