Is it a major sin for a woman to masturbate?

Assalaam Alaikum Mufti Sahab, Is it a Major Sin for a Woman to Masturbate? Could you please provide references from the Quran Sharif and Hadith for the satisfaction of my heart and mind? I have heard that it can cause weak memory and eyesight as well as other health problems. JazakAllah

When is ghusal required for a woman

Assalaam alaikum, Is Ghusl required for Women only in these 5 conditions or anything else? 1. Menstruation 2. Nifaas 3. Ejaculation 4. Sexual Intercourse 5. Wet dream JazakAllah

3 talaaqs in absence of woman

3 Talaaqs issued in one siting equals 3. It is not necessary for the wife to be present in order for Talaaq to be valid please explain how the talaaq can be valid if the woman isnt present? some people say 3 talaaqs is one talaaq- why isnt there one view on the talaaq issue?