Statement of kufr on homosexuality

A Muslim states that his ‘sexual orientation’ is ‘homosexual.’ However, he admits that homosexuality is wrong and not allowed in Islam. Does his statement amount to kufr?

Saying or writing a kufr statement

Aslaamualaikum I pray you are well. Sorry to take up your time. 1)If a Muslim writes in email/question to a fatwa service or a Maulana/mufti that he has verbally said or has written kufr statements e.g.’I am not Muslim, I denounce Islam’, etc or any other kufr statements or has thought of a kufr statements …

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Made statement of kufr/shirk in dream

I dreamt that I made the statement: “Hadhrat Thanwi is my new God (viz. Ilaah); and his Malfoothaat is my new Qur’aan.” I had this dream the night after reading the Malfoothaat, Part 4 in the morning. Kindly interpret.

Massallah pertaining to talaaq

Mufti sahibI want to ask if anybody says to his wife “I TAKE YOU BACK” with out giving Talaaq does it mean any thincan any one say these words to her wife just to remove doubts in his mind.