Car sale gone bad

Assalaamualaikum Respected Mufti 1. Zaid purchased a car from Bakr for R60 000.00 on credit, with instalments of R2000.00 per month. Zaid made payments and was late on one month. He asked Bakr if he could give him a week or two to pay and Bakr agreed. (Bakr was apparently assisting his Muslim brother who …

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Dream of books

Assalamu alaikum I had a dream where I was at a garage. I had purchased something from the kiosk and went to my car. Upon leaving the garage I saw a book shelf. The books where on sale by the garage. I took a few books whilst still in the car thinking to myself that …

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Sale of vacant land

We had advertised a vacant land for sale .A church organisation wants to puchase it maybe for a church. Am I allowed to sell it to them. Await your kind response. Jazakallah, Was Salaam

Dreaming of clothes

Assalam Wa Alaikum could you please interpret this dream for me? I was in a clothing shop with my sister and every item of clothes i picked up to buy was on sale, it was very cheap. Jazakallah . May Allah reward you well InshaAllah

merchandise for sale and zakaat

assalamualaykum, i bought a jacket last year february ( worth $400) with the original intention for personal use ( wearing), however after a while ( later on during the year, after september ) i changed my mind and i decided to sell the jacket. i put the jacket on sale and then removed it from …

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Are there any more conditions attached to the validity of this type of sale?