Dream of toilet and umra

I saw me cleaning a toilet and lots of guys sitting infront of me like for proposal then I’m thinking income back and go toilet and then this toilet moves to another big room then lots of people enter the place for a talk then I think I can’t take toilet here as there is …

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Conflicting answers of Istikhaarah

Assalamu alaikum, I am a bit disturbed because I did the Istikhaarah procedure two times for a proposal for Nikaah. The first time, you told me the istikhaarah is negative : http://www.alislam.co.za/qna/dream-after-istikhaarah-for-nikaah/ The second time, you told me it was positive : http://www.alislam.co.za/qna/dream-after-istikhaarah-for-nikaah-2/ Can you shed some light on it ? And also what then …

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Dream after Istikhaarah for Nikaah

Assalamu alaikum, I have been performing Istikhaarah for a proposal for Nikaah and on the 5th night, I had the following dream before Fajr time begins (like 1 or 2 hours before). I just remember the following, I may have forgotten some other details of the dream. I saw the girl’s mother. My nose was …

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Dream of guys and marriage

nothing materialised anyway2days after we stopped I had a dream about him in my dream he came round with his proposal with his sisters&mum.In the dream we stop talking and then he tries to get in contact when I don’t respond back to him the next day he brings his proposal. Apparently in the dream …

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Asak If I do isthikara for marriage and I go and talk to my dad to take proposal to girls house and he says no is this the result of my isthikara

Dreaming of a Proposal Situation

I went to this guys house all his bigfamily is there is mum dad are upstairs in their room,his sister is downstairs&tells us her parentsare discussing something serious itfeels like they are going to come&ask for my proposalThere is a big table I don’t know if it is white&everyone is sitting on the dining table …

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