Major or minor sign of Qiyamah

Is the following all a major or minor sign of Qiyamah: “A red hurricane will come and some people will be drawn into the ground. Stones will rain down from the skies. The appearance of people will be transformed, i.e. they will be turned into pigs and dogs. Many other calamities will follow one after …

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An ustadz said here in a sermon about the characteristics of people that have riya (besides showing off ibadah), kindly answer yes if any of this is true: 1.) if a person is always concern about other peoples opinion, then he is not free from riya 2.) if he has a desire in his heart …

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Qaseeda Burda Shareef

Assalam o Alaikum, I am reading and hearing some people say that Qaseeda Burda contains “blatant shirk”. I believe this is coming mostly from a certain school of thought. How can I be absolutely sure that there is none ? JazakAllah Khair

Dream of two black snakes

asalamu alikum, i recently dreamt of two people walking towards me. we stop facing each other and greet and speak on good terms. while talking i glance at each of their hands and notice both people are holding something under their arms as if it was a hosepipe. It looks like each person is carrying …

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Prophets attitudes, manners and behaviour

Asalaam Where the prophets diplomatic? How did they handle brash people? In their day to day and usual life? For example selfish people, controllers, manipulative 2 faced people? Where the prophets pbuthem straight direct or diplomats Please provide example so we can behave accordingly in our personal and work place professional life’s JazakhaAllah khair

Complexion of people in paradise

Mufti,: Certain descriptions in terms of beauty say that the people of paradise will be white coloured/fair in complexion along with hairless, beardless, and thirty three years old. Also, the hoors are described as being white complexion as well, like pearls. First, I am not saying it is racist because that would be moronic as …

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