Doubts about wudhu; see through hijab

Ask mufti Is one is in doubt if they have wudhu then is it wrong to not do it again? Also a see through hijab but wrapped thrice round the hair is this ok? Is see through hijab ok in the heat?

Dream of wearing hijab

My friend had a dream about me, I was wearing a hijab and I am not a person that does in real life. He describes me as very beautiful with the hijab on in his dream.


Salam I would like to know because I wear the hijab for not long and I would like to put the hidjeb char3i but I study in a high school or I have to remove my veil and what I can nevertheless put it knowing that it lets me put The hidjeb without the scarf

Is hijab and niqab compulsory

Aslmk mufti how are you doing, I phoned you last year with the above where I asked you if I don’t allow my wife to wear niqab you told me it is a sin I read the quran made easy something to the effect in surah nursery verse 31 Allah command the women folk to …

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Non mahram family members greeting

what should be done if (non mahram) cousins and uncles wife (elderly) : 1) come to your house and greet you and talk to you without hijab sometimes even streching hands for shaking in front of the whole family (20-30 other relatives)

Interpretation of Istikharah

I would like to know the interpretation of the following ISTIKHARA. I saw a girl which is a close friend of mine in my dream she was wearing a black hijab no conversation took place between us and it was a short while that I saw her thereafter woke up. After 15 days again i …

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