Fundraiser for females

Assalamualaykum A charity is organising a sisters’ only fundraiser where they will participate in paint balling & raise funds for Gaza. If this is incorrect, which I assume it is, please list the reasons for impermissibility so that I can advise the females of my family?

Provident funds

As Salaama Alaikum, The company I work at has a compulsory provident fund for its employees. The money is directly deposited from your account and you have no access to the funds. After leaving the company, the funds become available to you by transferring into your bank account. The funds are heavily taxed by the …

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Zakaat on pension funds

Asalaam, Kindly advise if zakaat needs to be paid on pension fund amounts not yet cashed out. The company has forced me to take out a pension fund and it will only be paid to me should I resign or retire . Jzk

Permissibility of joining a retirement fund

my company requires that i join a retirement fund.on the forms i need to fill out my benificiaries in the event of my death.the percentage that must go to each benificiary is also required.these percentages will be the same as those stipulated by the islamic laws of inheritance ? is this correct?