Dream of begging

Assalamu alaikum mufti saab. I got a dream that I went to someone house,there were 2 ladies one old and other is not much old,may be her daughter in law.then one lady and her daughter came and took me to their home.I felt then not so good bcz they said something bad about other peoples …

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Istikhara dreams

Assalamualaikum. I made istikhara to see whether it is good for me to get back with my ex husband or whether i should forget about him and move on and what to do with my life. He did not treat me fairly in our marriage and made it clear that he would never want me …

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Istikhara dreams

Assalamualaykum I did istikhara on whether i should marry a girl as i am unsure and i remember having a dream where i was in a clothes shop with my friend and i seen these blue jeans that i wanted to buy and i was having a look at it then the dream changed to …

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Bleeding wound and wudhu

Aslm. I have a wound on my lower back and when i sit down it leaks blood and or pus. I put a plaster on it but the blood seeps through the plaster at times and the plaster gets stained with blood. The amount of blood varies and is a vertical line of blood of …

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Washing impure clothes in a washing machine

Assalaam alaikum, If we wash impure clothes in an automatic washing machine will the clothes become pure? I have heard some scholars saying that washing the impure clothes in an automatic washing machine does not make it pure. JazakAllah

How to purify impure clothes

Assalaam alaikum, If clothes become impure due to menstrual blood, urine etc. I have heard that there are three ways in Hanafi Madhab by which we can purify impure clothes. Please clarify. JazakAllah