Dream of a good looking man

In my dream I saw a good looking person with a beard He was wearing a red and white scarf usually worn by the Arabs of Madinah and Makkah.He was fair and had blackish eyes and his face was extremely clear with not a single blemish or mark.In the dream he walked towards me and …

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Dream of shaving beard

salam mufti saab, i had a dream i was shaving my beard with razor and looked realistic, i have natural beard never cutted in real life alhamduliiah

Benefits of a virgin beard

Assalaamualykum.Mufti saab please can you tell me alot of benefits of having a virgin beard so i can spread the word and encourage more youth to grow a virgin beard Jazzakamulaah Khair

Woman’s reaction to man’s beard

Aslaamualaikum If a woman looks at her husband’s beard or another man’s beard and makes a cringing/disgust/embarrassment look on her face and also verbally says:.’it doesn’t look nice or you look old, or you look weird or it doesn’t suit you or shave your beard or ‘oh my godyou’ve grown your beard again, what have …

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Dream of trimming the beard

Assalaamualaykum – Alhamdulillah , i have a full grown beard, in my dream i was in my bathroom, planning to neaten/trim my beard, as i usually do, but then i realised the part between the ear and lower cheek bone was cut/trimmed to such an extent the full skin of the face could be seen, …

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Disrespecting The Beard

A friend, who is a practising muslim and has a beard according to sunnah, showed me a picture of a guy who had taken a passport sized photo of the back of his head because he was asked to ‘attest the photo on the backside’. The photo was meant to be a joke highlighting the …

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