Clarification needed

In regards to question ID 20578 All that is seen is NOT the fact or the truth of the matter. Make decisions carefully. Please explain in what regards? And which decision???

Difficulty keeping all fasts

Assalamualykum mufti saab My grandmother is old and shes having difficulty keeping all her fasts. Will she have to pay kaffarah? If yes how much is it for this year? JazakAllah

Guidance of man and jinn

As Salaam wallaykum dear Molana Could you please tell me why Allah has not guided all of man and jinn JazakAllah

Qurbaani for multiple deceased

ASAW . Can i make one qurbani with the intention for “all my family that is deceased”, or do i have to make a specific intention for a “single deceased person” per qurbani animal?

All merciful

I am a 10month old Revert(age 52) from Christianity and studying Islam intensively on hand of the English translations, especially the Ma’arifull Quran and have read through the Afrikaans translation once already. I am Afrikaans speaking. To know the meaning of every word of the Quran as well as I tried to know my Bible …

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