Does going for 4 months jamaat make the imaan stronger

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Hazrat, I wanted to ask a few questions about Iman. Iman is a fickle thing, and we need to be strengthening our Iman as often as time can spare, as only with strong Iman, will be able to pass the examination in the grave.

I may have asked you this question before, and I apologise in advance, if that is the case.

I want to bring your attention to something that happened a few weeks during out second gasht on a Sunday. We were on our way to Wakefield, and we were accompanied by a saathi who is a doctor by profession had just completed a 6 week/40 day stint.

He started proving my uncle who was driving with some thought provoking questions initially, but eventually the questions turned quite condemnatory. My uncle was talking about how he invents in some of the best equipment needed to keep his Mercedes clean, he was prompted how much time/effort/money he invests to which, my uncle answered in the affirmative. Later, he was almost interrogated how much time/effort/money does he invest in his Iman to which, my uncle answered quite a bit as he just returned from an Umrah journey, that cost him 9-10 thousand pounds, and he’s consistent with his Fajar salah in the mornings. The saathi pretty much flat-batted his responses by saying the Umrah is a’mal, and performing Fajar is faraaidh. He was pretty much saying, he has not invested anything, and therefore needs to wake up, and start considering making a solid intention to go for 4 months. The reference, that’s always made his how long it took the Sahaba to solidify their Iman for over a decade in Makkah before the do/don’t rulings came down.

Now, personally speaking, I was going to confront him myself by saying, the Ansar didn’t take a decade to work on their Iman, and were up to fight their foes (Quraish) whom they never had problems with historically, but they were ready to walk in the face of death (Badr) within a year, or so after the migration. I was pretty much going to inform the saathi, that 4 months is one of many means to develop one’s Iman, and by interrogating someone to the point of making them feel real low who have not achieved by going for 40 days, and if they refuse to do so, then they’re on collision course with Jahanam – that tends to be the insinuation from those saathi who were are super charged after returning from their stints.

Now, I have two questions after this ordeal to give my mind a peace of mind especially my uncle who certainly wasn’t impressed with that guilt trip assassination.

Is it fair to say, one who has no intention of ever going even for 3 days let alone 4 months – it can’t be said that their Iman is any stronger, or weaker than someone who consistently goes, this would infer that Jamat is somewhat Wajib.
If someone continually indulges in nafl a’mal i.e. Tahajud, Umrah, Dikhir, Sadaqah, this surely an indication their Iman is in the right place, or at least heading in a positive direction, so optional indulgences in non-compulsory virtues manifests quality Iman?

I am not after a detailed response, fatwa, specific references, but only some insight to whether or not this saathi’s approach was incorrect, and brief answers to my questions.

I hope Allah rewards you in abundance this Ramadan, and remember me in your du’as.


PS Please answer privately.

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Asked on June 12, 2017 12:39 pm
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The approach is completely wrong. At times to can push the listener out of the work.
One must show or adopt a superior position when inviting.
One must acknowledge all good as good and moreover encourage all that is good.
Do not make something that is NOT Fardh/Wajib/Sunnat to BE Fardh/Wajib/Sunnat.
When inviting do not be confrontational.
In fact when doing ‘Ghust’ avoid talking about the glamour of the temporary world.

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Answered on June 17, 2017 10:25 pm