Doubtful Food, Dua and Clothing

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اسلام عليكم ورحمت الله وبركاته
1)can mufti saab please explain doubtful food
eg meat, chicken,crisp,chocolates,restaurants
and why shouldnt eat them and the harms
2)is the dua after fardh salaah supposed to be soft or loud
is loud bidah and how loud is bidah
3)can mufti saab please explain the clothing of our akaabir
long kurta or slit kurta
4) a person says we should
take the word of sanha molanas so i said its ones own responsibilty so he says where does it say that
what should i tell him
5) i am a student of deen can mufti saab please give me advice
جزاك الله خير

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Asked on July 25, 2016 10:20 pm
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1.) Eating Haraam/ doubtful

1.) Do not rely on Halaal authorizing bodies. Most are commercially driven. Source yourself. Many local, small enterprises have arisen.
2.) Your duas will not be accepted.
3.) The ability to accept Haqq will vanish.
4.) You will begin to adopt the ways of the Ahle Baatil.
5.) You will experience no spiritual joy and sweetness in Ibaadat.
6.) You will show disrespect to your elders.
7.) You will strive to earn Haraam.
8.) You will not benefit from your ‘ustaads’.
9.) You will not be inclined to extra Quraan tilaawat.
10.) You will loose power of retention.
11.) You will not regard sin as sin.

2.) Duaa after Fardh Salaat

1.) It is Mustahab (liked, good desirable).
2.) Those who say it is Bid’at are wrong.
3.) Those that insist and then go and make another congregational one after the Sunnats are wrong.
4.) Can be made by raising the hands or not even.
5.) Better to be made in-audibly.
6.) Better to raise the hands.
7.) Permissible to be audibly, if intention is to teach the congregation.
8.) After the congregation has learnt, make it inaudibly.
9.) To read the Aayat calling of Durood in it is an innovation.
10.) When there is Sunnat thereafter, like Zuhr, Maghrib and Esha then the duaa should be short – 1 line.
11.) If there is no Sunnats after the Fardh like, Fajr/Asr, then it can be a little longer.
12.) If the Imaam leaves it out then the Salaat is valid and there is nothing wrong. He must NOT be looked down upon.
13.) Understand, the Salaat ends with the termination of the Salaams.
14.) After this short duaa, do not delay in performing the Sunnat.
15.) To read from any Kitaab after the Fardh Salaat which has Sunnats thereafter should not be done.
16.) There is no chorus recitation of duaas.

3.) Above the ankles and slit.

4.) Ask him, before Sanha existed, in the time of his grandfather, what did they do. They cannot think properly because of what they eat.

5.) Advice to students.

1.) Focus on understanding the text.
2.) Respect your Ustaads.
3.) Respect your Kitaabs.
4.) Respect your classroom.
5.) Avoid futile and vain discussions.
6.) Increase Quraan Tilaawat, duaa and zikr.
7.) Make Duaa Allaah makes it easy and accepts you for His Deen.
8.) Eat Halaal.
9.) Stay very far from major sins.
10.) Be moderate, modest and helpful.

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Answered on August 1, 2016 5:54 pm