8th Muharram Just 5 Minutes

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(1) Islaamic History The angels commanded to prostrate to Hadhrat Aadam (AS) and Iblees’s pride
To display the status of Hadhrat Aadam (AS), Allaah commanded the angels to prostrate before him. Allaah says, “Undoubtedly We created you (your father Aadam (AS)), then fashioned you and then We told the angels, “Make Sajdah to Aadam!” They (all) made Sajdah except Iblees (Shaytaan, who then lived with the angels). He was not from those who made Sajdah. He (Allaah) said (to Iblees), “What stopped you that you could not make Sajdah when I commanded you?” He replied, “I am better than him (Aadam (AS))! You have created me from fire and created him from clay.” (While Iblees argued that fire is better than sand because fire burns upwards and sand falls down, he failed to realise that sand extinguishes fire and that it is constructive whereas fire is destructive.) He (Allaah) said (to Iblees), “Go down from here (from the heavens) ! It is not for you (it is wrong for you) to be arrogant here! Go away, for you are surely from the disgraced (mean) ones!” He (Iblees) asked, “Give me time (to live) until the day when they (creation) will be resurrected (raised form their graves).” He (Allaah granted the request and) replied, “Indeed you are of those who have been given time.” He (Iblees) said, “I swear that because You have sent me astray I will definitely waylay (wait in ambush for) them (mankind) on Your straight path (Islaam).” (I shall do everything to stop them from Islaam.) (To mislead them,) I will then approach them from the front, from their backs, from their right and their left (in every possible manner) and You will not find most of them to be grateful (most of them will follow me and not Your Deen of Islaam).” He (Allaah) said (to Iblees), “Get away from here disgraced (wretched) and banished (rejected). Whoever of them will follow you, I shall fill Jahannam with all of you.”

[Surah A’raaf, verses 11-18]

(2) Allaah’s Power The saltiness of the sea
Our earth comprises of a third of land and two thirds of ocean. The oceans contain countless creation of Allaah and only He knows how many are being born each day and how many die each day. In addition to this, the people of the world dump their waste in the ocean. However, Allaah has made the sea salty and it is because of this saltiness that the sea manages to reduce all this waste and dead creatures. Had it not been for this, all the water would have spoiled and given off a terrible stench, causing untold harm to all within and outside the oceans. It is through Allaah’s immense power that He has created the oceans as He did.
(3) A Fardh Abstaining from bribery
It is Fardh (obligatory) for a Muslim to note that all the dealings he transacts have to be Halaal. He may therefore not engage in giving or taking bribes. Such dealings attract severe punishment and Rasulullaah (SAW) has cursed both the person giving the bribe as well as the person accepting the bribe.


[Tirmidhi 1256, from Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah (RA)]

(4) A Du’aa from the Qur’aan and Rasulullaah (SAW) A comprehensive Du’aa for this world as well as for the Aakhirah
Rasulullaah (SAW) very often recited the Du’aa:


رَبَّنَآ اٰتِنَا فِي الدُّنْيَا حَسَنَةً وَّفِي الْاٰخِرَةِ حَسَنَةً وَّقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ

TRANSLATION: “O our Rabb, grant us (all that which is) good in this world, (all that which is) good in the Aakhirah and save us from the punishment of the fire (of Jahannam).”


[Surah Baqara, verse 201; Bukhaari 4522, from Hadhrat Anas (RA)]

(5) A Nafl The reward for rearing daughters
Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “When a Muslim has two daughters and he cares for them well, these daughters will have him admitted into Jannah.”

[Ibn Maajah, 3670]

Other Ahadeeth mention the virtues of caring for one daughter as well as more than two.

(6) A Sin Imitating the opposite gender
Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “Allaah curses the woman who dresses like a man and the man who dresses like a woman.”

[Ibn Maajah 1903, from Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah (RA)]

(7) This World Spreading the knowledge of Deen in this world
Rasulullaah (SAW) said that if envy were permissible, it would be permissible for two reasons:

  1. It would be permissible to be envious of a person who has been given much wealth and he then spends it in the path of Allaah.
  2. It would also be permissible to be envious of a person who has been granted much knowledge and wisdom and he then uses it to take proper decisions and he also imparts it.

[Muslim, 1896]

(8) The Aakhirah The width of the four doors of Jahannam
Rasulullaah (SAW) said that Jahannam has four doors, the width of each door being as long as the distance covered in forty days.

[Tirmidhi 2584, from Hadhrat Abu Sa’eed Khudri (RA)]

(9) Cures from the Qur’aan and Rasulullaah (SAW) Palpitations of the heart
Hadhrat Sa’d bin Abi Waqqaas (RA) reports that Rasulullaah (SAW) once came to visit him when he fell ill. Rasulullaah (SAW) placed his hand on Hadhrat Sa’d (RA)’s chest, because of which he felt a cool feeling spread through his chest. Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “His heart is palpitating. Take him to Haarith bin Kaldah, who is a very good physician. He needs to grind seven Ajwa dates with their pits and administer it.”

[Abu Dawood 3875]

(10) Advice from

Rasulullaah (SAW)

Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “Do not be jealous of each other, do not harbour enmity for each other, do not ignore each other, but be brothers unto each other by the command of Allaah O servants of Allaah!”
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