6th Dhul Qa’dah Just 5 Minutes

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(1) Islaamic History Hadhrat Uwais Qarni (RA)
Hadhrat Uwais bin Aamir Qarni (RA) was a famous Taabi’ee who lived in Yemen. Although he lived during the time of Rasulullaah (SAW), he did not have the honour of meeting Rasulullaah (SAW). His mother was a very old woman and he considered serving her to be a great form of Ibaadah. He therefore did not even proceed for Hajj by himself as long as she was alive. In his absence, Rasulullaah (SAW) named him Khayrut Taabi’een (the best of all the Taabi’een). Rasulullaah (SAW) also described him to Hadhrat Umar (RA)
(2) Rasulullaah (SAW)’s Miracle Du’aa for Hadhrat Ali bin Hakam (RA)
Hadhrat Mu’aawiya bin Hakam (RA) reports that his brother, Ali (RA), was riding his horse during the Battle of the Trench when he shattered his leg against a wall. When he was brought to Rasulullaah (SAW), Allaah’s Nabi (SAW) recited Bismillaah and passed his hand over the broken leg. Hadhrat Ali bin Hakam (RA)’s leg was completely healed even before he descended from the horse.

[Subulul Huda war Rashaad Vol.4 Pg.370]

(3) A Fardh Stopping worldly activities when the Adhaan for the Jumu’ah Salaah is called out
Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “O you who have Imaan! When the call (Adhaan) is made for (the Jumu’ah) Salaah on the day of Jumu’ah (Friday), then hasten towards Allaah’s remembrance (towards the Jumu’ah Salaah to take place in the Masjid) and leave trading. This is best for you (in both worlds) if you but knew (the eternal value of the Salaah, which far exceeds the temporary value of the wealth you may attain by trade)”.

[Surah Jumu’ah, verse 9]

When the Adhaan for the Jumu’ah Salaah is called out, it is necessary to stop all worldly activities and to hasten for Salaah.

(4) A Sunnah The Du’aa to be recited while performing the Tawaaf
Rasulullaah (SAW) said that if the following Du’aa is recited when performing the Tawaaf:


سُبْحَانَ اللهِ، وَالْحَمْدُ لِلهِ ، وَلَآ إِلٰهَ إِلَّا اللهُ وَاللهُ أَكْبَرُ، وَلَاحَوْلَ وَلَا قُوَّةَ إِلَّا بِاللهِ

Ten good deeds will be recorded in the person’s account, ten sins will be forgiven, and his stages will be raised ten times.

[Ibn Maajah 2957, from Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah (RA)]

(5) An Important Act and its Virtue Standing guard in the path of Allaah
Rasulullaah (SAW) said that when a person stands guard for even a single day or night while out in the path of Allaah, he will receive the reward of fasting and performing Tahajjud Salaah for an entire month. If he happens to pass away during this guard duty, this reward will continue coming to him forever, he will be well provided for (in the Aakhirah) and he will be saved from all calamities.

[Mustadrak of Haakim 2422, from Hadhrat Salmaan Faarsi (RA)]

(6) A Sin The evil of sins
Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “Corruption (trouble, difficulties, calamities) has appeared on land and at sea because of the (evil) actions of man and so that Allaah may let them taste (the consequences) of some of their (evil) actions, so that they may adopt Taqwa (and refrain from sin)”.

[Surah Room, verse 41]

(7) This World The Aakhirah is better than this world
Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “The life of the world (besides those things done to please Allaah) is but play (pastime) and sport and most certainly the home of the Aakhirah is best for those with Taqwa (those who realise that the Aakhirah is their true home). Do you not understand?

[Surah An’aam, verse 32]

(8) The Aakhirah Every Nabi (AS) will have a pond on the Day of Qiyaamah
Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “Every Nabi (AS) shall have a pond on the Day of Qiyaamah and they will compete about the number of their followers drinking from their ponds. I have hope that my pond will have the largest number of people drinking from it.”

[Tirmidhi 2443, from Hadhrat Samurah (RA)]

(9) Cures from the Qur’aan and Rasulullaah (SAW) The benefits of Suna
Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “If anything had the ability to cure death, it would be Suna.”

[Tirmidhi 2081, from Hadhrat Asmaa bint Umays (RA)]

Suna is a plant that has leaves measuring approximately 2 inches long and an inch wide, which are extremely beneficial for constipation. It also grows little yellow flowers.

(10) Advice from

Rasulullaah (SAW)

Rasulullaah (SAW) once told Hadhrat Abu Dharr (RA), “Should I inform you of two qualities that are very simple, but very weighty on the scale of deeds? Silence and good character.”

[Bayhaqi 7777, from Hadhrat Anas (RA)]

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