29th Dhul Qa’dah Just 5 Minutes

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(1) Islaamic History Hadhrat Imaam Ahmad bin Hanbal (RA)
The Hambali school of jurisprudence is associated with Hadhrat Imaam Ahmad bin Hanbal (RA), who was born in Baghdad in Rabee ul Awwal in the year 164 A.H. Most of the people in Saudi Arabia follow the Hambali school of jurisprudence and it is according to the teachings of this school that the laws of the Saudi government are based. His father also passed away before he was born but his mother raised him with great courage. He therefore memorised the Qur’aan at an early age, together with studying language. He then studied Ahadeeth in Baghdad and after completing his studies here, he then left for Basrah, Hijaaz, Yemen, Shaam and Jazeera to study under eminent scholars of Hadith there. He was an expert Muhaddith, Mujaahid, and Faqih and had memorised a million Ahadeeth. The most prominent of his works was the Musnad, which is a compilation of Ahadeeth.
(2) Allaah’s Power Three thousand taste buds on the tongue
Allaah has given us the great boon of our tongues, which we need to speak and to taste. For this, Allaah has created three thousand taste buds on our tongues that are microscopic, but which will tell us whether the food we are eating is sweet, salty or otherwise. Without these, we would be unable to tell the differences between tastes and we would lack enjoyment in so many things.
(3) A Fardh Obeying the ruler
Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “The person who obeys me, obeys Allaah and the person who disobeys me, disobeys Allaah. The person who obeys the ruler obeys me and the person who disobeys the ruler, disobeys me.”

[Muslims 4747, from Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah (RA)]

The ruler needs to be obeyed in very command that does not conflict with the Shari’ah even though one may not like it.

(4) A Sunnah It is Sunnah to kiss one’s children
Hadhrat Anas (RA) reports that Rasulullaah (SAW) used to kiss his son Ibraheem (RA).

[Bukhaari 1303]

(5) An Important Act and its Virtue The rewards of going out in the path of Allaah
Rasulullaah (SAW) said that the fire of Jahannam cannot touch the face touched by dust accumulated in the path of Allaah.

[Mustadrak of Haakim 2396, from Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah (RA)]

(6) A Sin Avoid ostentation
Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “The person who performs Salaah for show has committed Shirk. The person who fasts for show has committed Shirk. The person who gives Sadaqah for show has committed Shirk.”

[Ahmad 16690, from Hadhrat Shaddaad (RA)]

(7) This World The desires of an old man
Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “As a person ages, there are two things that remain young within him;

  1. The desire for a long life
  2. And the greed for wealth.”

[Tirmidhi 2339, from Hadhrat Anas (RA)]

(8) The Aakhirah The book of deeds in the left hand
Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “As for him who is given his record (of his actions in his left hand from) behind his back (because even the angels will not want to look at him) he will soon call for (his) destruction (his death so that he may not have to suffer punishment)”.

[Surah Inshiqaaq, verses 10-12]

(9) Cures from the Qur’aan and Rasulullaah (SAW) Watermelon
Rasulullaah (SAW) said that watermelon taken before eating cleanses the stomach and eliminates the root of diseases.

[Ibn Asaakir Vol.6 Pg.102]

(10) Qur’aanic Advice  
Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “If two groups of Mu’mineen fight each other, then reconcile between them. (However, despite your efforts to reconcile,) If the one group transgresses against (oppresses) the other, then fight that (transgressing) group until they return to (the obedience of) Allaah’s command (to live in peace and harmony with other Muslims). If they return (to the reconciliation process and stop fighting), then reconcile between them with justice. Be just, for Allaah loves those who exercise justice”.

[Surah Hujuraat, verse 9]

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