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Assalamu-alaykum Muftisup ,

1) About 5 years ago , I was very worried about passing away with Imaan and Alhamdulilah i dreamt i was outside a Masjid in one room and i was going up and everything was white and the most beautiful image really , kind of like snow on the walls also and as i went up it felt like a hidden place like a cave but so beautiful and i came to a small corner and found actual books and literature of Nabi(peace be upon him) abandoned and left alone under some snow and i was very sad how could these books be left like this but at the same time i was so happy that i would be able to use these books and benefit 1st hand from them ..

2)Shortly after that i dreamt i was in Nabi(peace be upon him)’s house and i was waiting for Him(peace be upon him) , i started to read Salaah on a green carpet while waiting and i remember worrying that i didnt want this to end then i woke up ..

3)some time after this i had a dream a friend of mine(currently doing Aalim) was in a Masjid before Jumuah and i was watching him .. he was doing all the zikr i would do ..

Alot of good and bad has happened since then

4)about last year i dreamt i was walking with a pious Moulana of today and he was showing me Nabi(peace be upon him)’s house and i was very happy , he showed me the shoes and everything else .. then we came to one room and it was filled with snakes in the sand (i was very upset why people left Nabi(peace be upon him)’s house in this condition and as we walked i was very scared and Moulana told me dont worry they’re small they cant harm you (i think they were green).. we kept walking till we saw one huge black snake and Moulana said i can see you scared we can go back now …then i took my dad , my brother and my uncle and his one son to Nabi(peace be upon him)’s house and showed them everything .. when we reached that room i told them about the snakes and they didnt want to go into that room .. later on i dreamt i was with my dad and brother outside Nabi(peace be upon him)’s house and Abu jahal was coming to destroy the house and we were preparing to fight him …
please advise and rem us in your duas

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Asked on October 9, 2009 12:00 am
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All these dreams are good, you should remain on Sunnat although some non-Muslim may try to divert you but be steadfast.
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Answered on October 9, 2009 12:00 am