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. please interpret d followin dreams for me
. jazakallah wassalaam

ONE-of a plane crash not very far from my house and some family members were on this platform on the river n they all came to see what happened

TWO-cant really remember what exactly happened but it was like i was invited for this party and my uncles friend came to fetch us(it was actually his party),and i thought he was really handsome,i was wondering why i didnt think he was so handsome the previous time and then i noticed it was his beard,he kind of shaved his beard a bit(he still had it but it was thin)..and we went to the party and i needed to make zohar salaah so i went to the room to get a mat,and as i was about to begin my salaah some boys came and sprayed water on me and i got angry so i went after them,i was chasing them outside and there was loads of people,then i came by my dad and he said why am i being so shameless he said that people will talk about me that i’m playin with boys and stuff,then i just said to him that promise i wont do that again he said that i have an attitude..i went away from there and wanted to go and complete my salaah,again just as i was going to start my salaah my brothers came and they wanted to wet me and so i told them that i’ll tell dad if they start with me,so they went away,and repeatedly i kept on trying to make salaah but kept on getting disturbed,and i didnt want to read my salaah in front of anyone,i do remember one of my friends being there and she was busy with the preps 4 the party….everyone was playing a game with guns and stuff,then i found this place that was similar to a jail and it was closed off and so i decided to go and make there,i cant remember what happend aftaer that..then i was outside and everyone was looking at this helicopter for what reason i dont know and if im not mistaken i thought it was looking for me and i was trying to hide away…cant remember that well…..

THREE-of my mum passing away,and everything was really dark,my mums body was laid on the kitchen table and there seemed to be only women an di was thinking to myself as to why i didnt learn how to cook from my mum,and now that shes passed away i wont know how to cook like her,then i was trying to act like i didnt want to eat because my mum had passed away..
my dad was no where to be seen and i was wondering what was going on….
jazakallah once again for your help…

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Asked on December 14, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Avoid bad company.
2) Do not use sms language for e-mails. Get good proposal
3) Increase in honour
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Answered on December 14, 2009 12:00 am