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as salaamu alaikum

i am a 22 year female married and living in a different city to my parents. this morning i had a very disturbing dream at the time of the fajr azaan. i would appreciate if mufti could interpret and guide me.

the dream was as follows: it was the time of fajr and a part of my consciousness was awake. i could even hear the azaan in my dream and it was really on.

in my dream i was home alone and it was very late at night. i was very afraid in the dream. i did not know were my husband was. i was expecting my father who was coming from dbn. however when he was so late i was even more worried. i heard my gate opening and thought my father had finally come but a sense of fear over came me. he walked into the house and i felt like there was a stranger in my house. the man was beaten up very badly, i couldnt even recognise him. there was blood all over his face and his face was swollen. he then said to me ” look what i had to go through to get here” and i realised it was my father. i asked him what happened, and he said that he kept taking lifts from different people and each time they hit him. tears rushed to my eyes and i woke up for fajr just as the azaan finished.

my father has been going through a very difficult patch. he was retrenched from his job last year and hasnt been able to find a stable job. i am also home alone everyday while my husband is at work and at the musjid.

please can mufti give a meaning to my dream good or bad.


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Asked on May 31, 2009 12:00 am
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Do not put pressure on your father.
Request your husband to spend more time with you.
No physical harm will come to your father.
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Answered on May 31, 2009 12:00 am