An Important Fatwa of Dar ul Ulum Deoband

It is contrary to the Sunnah to gather for worship (Ibaadat) during the Odd Nights.
What is the ruling with regards to gathering for worship, gathering for speeches or Qira’ah during the odd nights of Ramadhaan? In the time of Rasulullaah (SAW) and the Sahabah (RA), was there any special importance given to this? To say that people are roaming the streets, that is why we host programmes and Qira’ah (as a pretext), what do the scholars of Deen and the Mufteen say about this issue. Please provide a detailed response, with proof. We shall be grateful.
Questioner: Muhammad Idrees, Bangalore

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

If someone is really in search of the night of Qadr, then he should adopt solitude in his home during the odd nights of Ramadhaan, remain awake and perform Nawaafil, make du’aa’ to Allaah. It is not proven from Rasulullah (SAW), the Sahabah (RA), Tabi’een and Tab ut Tabi’een to perform congregational worship during the odd nights. Therefore, we should save ourselves from this practice and giving it due importance. Programmes of Qira’ah and speeches are not proven. The nights of Ramadhaan are nights of worship, we must spend them in worship, we must follow in the footsteps of the Sahabah, we must not follow our whims and desires.
Habib ur Rahman Azmi Mufti: Dar ul Ulum Deoband 6 Sha’baan 1435
The answer is correct: Muhammad Nu’maan Sitapuri
The answer is correct: Mahmud Hasan Bulandshahri